Winged Lashes

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15 lashes+5 brushes+2 glue pen+1 tweezer,total 23pcs - bamylash

15 lashes+5 brushes+2 glue pen+1 tweezer,total 23pcs

 Each set have different lashes and same other products, pick the lash set you like,regular ones or extensions styles Choice 6:6-15 15 pairs Natural Regular styles T01*5+T05*5+T11*5 ,other 8 pcs...
bundles of lashes - bamylash
15 pairs natural MIX15 pairs medium MIX20 pairs natural MIX20 pairs medium MIX20 pairs dramatic MIX15 pairs natural russian style MIX15 pairs medium russian style MIX15 pairs dramatic russian style MIX20 pairs natural russian style MIX20 pairs medium russian style MIX20 pairs dramatic russian style MIX

15pairs or 20 pairs in 1 package of lashes False Eyelashes Packing by your favorite style

$15.80 – $17.80
This link include differnet choices for different quantity lashes pick the best choise for yourself 3d faux mink lashes,soft hair 25+ wear  
15-20mm Mink Lashes, Mink Eyelashes, Real Mink Lashes, Nature Eyelashes, Medium eyelash Mink Lashes Strip, 5D Mink Lashes,  Mink lashes - bamylash

15-20mm Real hair Lashes, Nature Eyelashes, Medium eyelash Real Lashes Strip, 5D Real Lashes,

When you placing your order please note the eyelash Art.No. so we can pick it quickly Color: Black Brand:Bamylash Material: Real Min 15mm-20mm(0.6inch-0.8inch) eyelashes, Light and comfortable:the hair is super...